Love You At Your Darkest

AMENPAPA has drawn it's inspiration from the most iconic story of Genesis - the Fall of Adam and Eve. The theme message “Love you at your Darkest”, depicts a story of Shame and unfailing Love. An entire set of Eden was recreated with floral digital prints and animal patterns and narrated in three stages: The Garden, the Fall, and the Exit of Eden.

The beginning was illustrated in a range of vibrant floral digital prints over satin and faux leather. Ruffle was a key element used to enhance the flowery silhouette. As the story progressed and climaxed the colors gradually faded into a more somber tone to signify the Fall after eating the forbidden fruit. Leopard patterns, the symbolic cover of our shame, were expressed in knitwear and jerseys that further added to the narratives.

Throughout the collection, cryptic messages and symbolism laid hidden in the floral prints and leopard patterns. Gold was another key color used in the final part of the collection, shimmering golden lamé, metallic embroideries, and lurex knitwears all signify the bright and unfailing love of our Creator, that illuminates our Darkest moments and all sins were forgiven.

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