AMENPAPA Affiliate Program

Affiliates promote Amenpapa’s products (and the discount code) on their own social media accounts and earn commission from all purchases using their assigned discount code. Your followers are to copy the code from affiliates’ posts on Instagram and use it on for the discount offer.  Other than using individual post, you may choose to use a URL (also provided to you by us) on the bio section of your Instagram account or promote through some other medium (i.e. personal blog, email, sms, forum posts, Instagram stories, etc.) so that the discount code can be populated automatically in the checkout process.

The payouts shall only be based on the records from our website's backend, we can provide a report for any misunderstandings if that's the case.

Third-party tracking code is NOT accepted.

Return and refund cases won’t be counted as successful orders.

Commission settlement will be made on monthly basis and a tiering commission scheme is suggested as follows:

  • 1 to 5 successful orders: 10%
  • 6 to 15 successful orders: 15%
  • 16 successful orders or above: 25%