AMENPAPA X C-Force Biotech

這款高效能風衣採用 C-Force 生物技術塗層製成,所用布料含新一代核心殺菌技術,能殺滅99%的新冠病毒、金黃葡萄球菌、H3N2等多種病毒,大大降低人與人社交的交叉感染風險,具高效的保護功能。分別有成人和小童的長袖及背心款多個呎碼可供選購


This high-efficiency windbreaker is made with C-Force Biotech coating (New generation anti-virus technology) which kills over 99% of coronavirus (COVID-19), S. Aureus, and H3N2, etc. It can reduce the risk of cross-infection, efficient protection function. There are adult and children's long-sleeved and vest styles in different sizes to choose from.

Efficiency results above are tested reports after 100 washes.

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