How to Move a Mountain?

We have all encountered pain, suffering and even sickness that seems unending.
These trials can last as short as days or even as long as years.


Long-lasting trials can especially be defeating because they remind us each morning that our health is not optimal. People on the outside may not see the perpetual battle that goes on inside. Yet, these obstacles to our health help us better prepare to fight and overcome the pain.
Recently a friend of mine has been battling depression and his story proclaims a small victory. This person was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for a majority of college and was not vocal about his suffering. During those dark months of depression, he was found cutting himself, crying out for help and neglecting care. After months and years of internal chaos, a conviction in him erupted within him. While at a retreat this person felt led to open up about his personal struggle of depression. On the last night of our retreat, this person went up in front of the group and shared about their depression and how this community has helped them so much. Even though he continues to fight depression his faith and courage have been the rock that is keeping him grounded. Sometimes it can seem like the health obstacle can be a mountain in our way due to them being immovable and so overwhelming.  The obstacle can also feel unbearable because there is no due date for the freedom of the pain.

By having faith and surrounding oneself with loving people tackling problems as small as a cut to as big as depression are becoming less daunting. This season our new collection of 《Move Mountains》 is based on how faith can guide and help us understand the difficulties of even our health.




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